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For outputting single page PDFs from InDesign. Use a watched folder on a network server. Unattended operation for hours. PDF, Postscript, or Distilled output.
Geared for Prepress Pros, by a PrePress Pro.
Mac OS X 10.6+.

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Create an InDesign document of a catalog of all images in a folder. Use your document presets, adjust the number of frames per page. Easy post-creation customization with global style sheets. Beautiful contact sheets with the power of InDesign. Mac OS X 10.6+.

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Create the easiest to see and use catalog of all your fonts. Grouped by font family, a catalog is made with each style listed in a smaller display. The ONLY font catalog app to group by family. Several beautiful templates to choose from in addition to the regular Single Line and Waterfall samples. Mac OS X 10.6+.

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PDF Bee icon Scanning Slideshow

Need to display images at a gathering, like wedding, party, or corporate event? And do you have a photographer or 2 shooting live and you want to add those images to the show? Scanning Slideshow updates it's folder of images as new images are added! Mac OS X 10.7+.

Buy Now - $10

Currently only on the Mac App Store - click here

ID Font Catalog icon Desktop Blurrifier scroll down

If you have a lot, heck, even a few icons on your Desktop, make them POP a bit more by blurring your desktop picture. A little contrast of a blurry picture and a sharp icon will keep you focussed on your work. Blur, saturation, exposure, colorize, and scale images. Even supports some EPS/PDF files (for example a logo) with a solid color background. Mac OS X 10.6+

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ID Font Catalog icon Classic Find scroll down

Inspired by the simple functionality of Mac OS 8 through 10.3's Find File, where you had a list of all drives to search, and got a new window for each search performed. Mac OSX 10.6+

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Script icon Custom Scripting & Programming

Chris can work with you on to develop a solution to your Mac workflow needs. Specializing in InDesign and Adobe apps, plus FileMaker. I can develop solutions using Applescript and Cocoa/XCode. Email Chris
Mac OSXCode



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PDF Bee 4.0: Single Page PDF Creator - $95

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PDF Bee outputs your InDesign documents, with each page Postscripted or PDF'd as its own page. You can choose to process one file at a time, or turn on the Automatic setting and watch a folder for any InDesign files dropped into it.

How It Works:

PDF Bee watches a folder that you designate. Any file (or packaged folder) you drop in the watched folder is opened, checked for image links and fonts, and begins processing. Each page of the document is exported as PDF/Postscritped-Distilled/and-or saved as JPG/EPS. The output files will be named with the page numbers after the document name, such as "outputfile_001.pdf". If you include a font folder with the ID file, fonts will automatically be opened before each file is processed.

Your document can have non-sequential pages, and the file names will be output using the individual page's names. For example, the pages could be 1, 5, 18, 29, 101, 102, 109. The output PDFs will be named with _001, _005, _018, etc.

You can also process 1 file at a time (without watching a folder), and use the same options of PS-PDF/PS/PDF/JPG/EPS.

You can have multiple PDF Bees running on multiple computers, all watching a single job folder, for processing large amounts of files in parallel.


  • Choose any Distiller setting on a local or network drive
  • Choose any Print Setting to print the Postscript files
  • Use any InDesign PDF export setting
  • Ability to output your choice of:
    • Export directly from InDesign, OR
    • Postscript > Distilled PDFs OR
    • Print PostScript files only (no PDF made)...
    • NEW and JPG export of each page
    • NEW and EPS export of each page
  • NEW and create a 2nd PDF file using a different setting
  • NEW Can process "Packaged" files
  • NEW Can export a document as 1 PDF file, not individual pages
  • IMPROVED Better operation to stay in the background if you do other things on your computer
  • IMPROVED More detailed statuses for errors, and time files process
  • NEW Can separate files types into sub-folders when finished outputting
  • NEW Can update image links in the document before output
  • NEW Debug/Console output for troubleshooting
  • NEW Automatic updates (via the "Sparkle" system)
  • Option to redirect the output files to another folder, useful for sending to a Pitstop checking folder or other workflow functions.
  • Option to 'reverse' file naming for Agfa workflows, with page number first and file name after that (ie 001_MyDocument.pdf).
  • A log file (text file) is created when using the Automatic mode.
  • PDF Bee handles files over 1000 pages.
  • NEW Completely rewritten for Snow Leopard (10.6+) for best performance
  • No longer compatible with OS X 10.5 due to rewrite
  • PDF Bee recognizes and respects section prefixes in a document. (Such as "Section1:" then page number "4", output as "MyDocument_Section1_004.pdf"). The use of section naming can be turned on or off, depending if you want the file name to include the prefix or not in the file name.


  • Mac OS X 10.6+ ONLY
  • Adobe InDesign CS4 - CS5 (CS5.5 currently untested)
  • Adobe Acrobat Distiller 8 - 9
  • Stuffit Expander (a free download, available here, or here)
PDF Bee Version 3.22, for CS3-CS4/ Acrobat 8-9/ OSX 10.4-10.5, is still available. Please email me directly for information.

Watch the intro video here
8 minutes, mp4 video, 40mb.
Demo version for 4.0 is not available yet. Please be patient, or email me with any questions on PDF Bee operation.

Click for full size interface image

Some companies using PDF Bee:
  • RR Donnelly Printing
  • Best Buy, electronics retailer
  • EO, Netherlands Broadcasting
  • Argosy Publishing, educational textbooks
  • Gloor Media, Germany
  • Landwirtschaftsverlag Publishing, Germany
  • Consolidated Communications, telecom
  • Rock Communications, printing
  • Egmont Magasiner, Denmark
  • Clarks Shoes


Full version $95
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Current version: v4.0, July 18, 2011


ID Image Catalog v4.5 - $20

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This application will create a page(s) in InDesign with frames and titles of all the images in a folder. Once you select a folder, the application tells InDesign to make a document with the number of image frames per page you specify, places the files, and creates a text frame with the image information below it.

New options allow you to make document presets in InDesign and select one to use to make your catalog. By selecting a document preset with no page margins, no image title and no image desciptions and 1 box per page, you can create a document with 1 image per page.


  • Creates a catalog automatically in InDesign
  • Scales up, down, and centers images in the frame
  • Includes the name of the image under each image
  • Can include the full file path of the image, and the size it is placed at
  • Sub-folders inside your main folder selection can be scanned and added
  • Use one of your InDesign document presets for the page size and margins
  • Option to disable page title and image title text frames
  • Customizable margins between image frames
  • Option to disable outlines around image and text frames
  • Large text frame option for long file name or file path information
  • Option to hyperlink to folder (for exporting as PDF)
  • Increased text frame size options
  • Option to group image and text frames
  • Option to make the catalog facing pages
  • Option to keep page 1 blank
  • Compatible with InDesign CS3 / CS4 / CS5 / CS6
  • NEW in 4.5 Drag and Drop folders into the top box area to set files or folders to catalog

Watch a Demo Movie on YouTube (5 minutes)


  • Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.7 - 10.8
  • Adobe InDesign CS3 - CS4 - CS5 - CS6
  • Stuffit Expander (a free download, available here, or here)
Interface (click to enlarge)
Sample Catalog (click to enlarge)

Sample Catalogs (click for PDF)

Basic Catalog

sample catalog



Book Layout


See the FAQ/Troubleshooting page.

Current version: 4.5, August 18, 2011


ID Font Catalog v3.0.2 - $15

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Have you ever wanted a really compact font sample for your collection of fonts? Tired of wading through hundreds of pages of samples generated by programs that can't group all fonts of a family together? ID Font Catalog is for you! IDFC uses Adobe InDesign to intelligently get the list of fonts available and creates a sample of each font family, but only of the primary font style, and makes a smaller listing of the other styles like text-bold, italic, compressed, etc!

ID Font Catalog is THE ONLY font catalog program available (that I know of) that groups fonts in their family. Every other commercial or free solution creates a new page for every style! ID Font Catalog groups fonts by their family. Look at smarter font samples, not more!


  • NEW Completely rewritten for better speed & reliability (Oct 2011)
  • Creates a font sample for each font family
  • Lists the styles of each font family in that style (ie, text-bold is text-bold, italic is italic)
  • Creates a "Single Paragraph" style listing, fitting from 3 to 15 or more fonts on a page, including every style of the font
  • Creates a "Waterfall" style listing with a paragraph of text, the font styles, and sample font sentence in sizes from 8 to 72pt.
  • 3 new template styles, with new layouts for more font sample options
  • Automatically creates bookmarks and page numbers in InDesign so when exported to a PDF, specific fonts can be searched even more quickly.
  • Ability to skip non-Roman and Apple "system" fonts and the other most common system fonts
  • User definable Font Skip List
  • Import/ Export/ Append a Font Skip List using a simple text file
  • Option to create page titles & page numbers
  • Customizable character samples & sample sentences (ie, The quick brown fox, or Cozy lummox, simple ABC & abc, or your own sentence or string of letters)
  • 240 Pangrams (sentence using all 26 characters of the alphabet) built in
  • Control over look and style with applied Paragraph Styles
  • No longer makes page numbers with partial font names, easier to print now
  • IDFC does not load or activate fonts, it only catalogs them. It is not a font manager.

Watch a Demo Movie on YouTube (12 minutes)

SNOW LEOPARD - OS X 10.6.0 USERS -The new system font "MENLO ITALIC" will cause a bug in making a font catalog. Please add "Menlo" to your skip list in order to have a correct looking catalog. If left in the catalog, single page catalogs will be blank after the Menlo font. The Italic face has some tracking problems and uses up all the available horizontal space in the box. You can also update to 10.6.3 or higher, I believe it is fixed.


  • Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.7 - 10.8
  • Adobe InDesign CS3 - CS4 - CS5 - CS5.5 - CS6
  • Stuffit Expander (a free download, available here, or here)
A sample of the font catalog styles IDFC creates. Notice each font name is listed only 1 time, with each style listed below Click here to see the user interface of ID Font Catalog

Single Paragraph Style
Waterfall Style
Template Style 1 Template Style 2
Template Style 3


You may want to check out Extensis's document on OS X font management practices:

Current version: 3.0.2, October 15, 2011


Classic Find v1.0 - $4

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Classic Find is inspired by the Find File utility seen in Mac OS 8 through OS X 10.3. It features a list of all attached drives/volumes where to search upon. You can choose to search one, all, or only a select few drives. This is useful for cutting your search time down, or when you know you only need to search certain disks. Especially helpful in networked environments where you really don't want to search all connected volumes.

Classic Find uses the Spotlight search engine for default searches, so your volumes should be able to be searched by Spotlight.

You can use the File Search function to search all files individually on a disk, but this is much much slower. But unlike Spotlight which excludes certain directories from its index (like the System and Library folders), File Search will look at everything. But it can be slow.


  • One window for your find criteriea, your found results spawn a new window
  • Spotlight used for the default search method
  • Use File Search method for complete results from folders Spotlight won't index (but it's slow)
  • Open a found file by double clicking its name
  • Open the file's folder by double clicking the path show
  • Newly attached drives or mounted volumes show up in the volume list, or are removed automatically when unmounted
  • You can search a sub folder by dragging it into the volumes list

  • It's a 1.0 version so please realize it doesn't have a ton of features, nor is super optimized (especially File Search mode, it can be slow)



Current version: 1.0.0, October 24, 2011


Desktop Blurrifier v1.0 - $5

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Do you have icons on your desktop? Do you want to see them easier but still have a nice desktop picture? Don't have or want to go to Photoshop to make an adjustment to a desktop image? Use Desktop Blurrifier! Quickly put a blur on a picture and set it to your desktop picture. Add a little more flare with quick saturation, exposure, and colorize options. EPS images and PDFs are supported, you can have a logo as your desktop and blur it too!


  • Real time preview on your desktop of the final image
  • Drag and drop images into the small preview to use an image
  • Drag and drop onto the dock icon!
  • Works with multiple screens
  • EPS and PDF graphics can be used (with some limitations) and you can set a solid color background with them

Watch a short demo (3 mins)





Current version: 1.0.3, March 13, 2012

Free Scripts

Accurate Size Of Folder -drag and drop a folder to get a more accurate file size calculation, useful for burning CD/DVD becase the Finder info is hard to calculate and Toast (5/6)now doesn't give an accurate size to the megabyte.

File Type And Creator Changers -drag and drop files onto these scripts to set the file type and creators information in OS X. Many files in X rely solely on the file extension, but sometimes its helpful to set them, such as changing .jpgs to Photoshop .jpgs so a double click opens Photoshop instead of Preview.

Send BCCs -this script is for use with MS Entourage. You select a variety of email messages, then run this. This script then makes a new outgoing email with the BCC field populated by the messages you had selected. It's an easy way to send private emails out to everyone you received an email from. I use it for sending messages to everyone who's purchased a script. It's easier than trying to manage a group, plus you can be more selective.

PDF Combiner -this Applescript will combine all PDFs in a chosen folder into one file. It can combine pages that are of different sizes.

Stuffit Expander is a FREE application to unstuff compressed files. It is a free download, available here, or here and if you purchase my commercial apps you'll need it to open the file. Yes it is FREE even though they may prompt you to purchase the full version, the Expander app is free. I have no control or benefit from Stuffit, these links may change at any time.

I am selling these scripts "as is" and take no responsibility for any data loss, corruptions, or system difficulty you may have. I will make every effort to ensure these applications' functionality as stated but cannot guarantee operability on all computers and any specific configuration. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE INDESIGN OR ANY OTHER REQUIRED PROGRAM DO NOT PURCHASE THESE ITEMS THEN REQUEST A REFUND. Since I can't know for sure if you are an ID user/owner, I can't offer refunds for these reasons.These apps are for Mac OS X operating system only, and will NOT work on Windows. Email questions and concerns to: cpav -at-